Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title: Solving Equations
Developed by: Melissa Gackle
Subject Area: Algebra I
Topic: Solving one-step and multi-step equations
Grade Level: 9-12
Time Frame: 4 days
Lesson Summary: Students will know properties for solving equations.  Students will be able to problem solve by using equations.
Prerequisites: Students must understand variables, expressions, and equations.
Standards: 9-12.A.2.1 Students are able to use algebraic properties to transform multi-step, single-variable, and first degree equations.
Lesson Objectives: Students will understand that:                                                                                              -equations may be used to solve real world problems.                                                         -solving equations may take more than one step.

Essential questions the students should be able to answer:                                                    -What step do you do first when solving a multi-step equations?                                          -How can you check to see if you have the correct answer?                                                -What do you do if the answer is not reasonable?

Assessment: Book problems (p.148-149, 1-37 odd), (p.152-153, 7-41 odd), and (p.159-160,9-37odd) ------ VERBAL LINGUISTIC

Extra practice worksheets 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3

Algebra Jeopardy on teams with 5 categories. (Solving equations using addition, solving equations using subtraction, solving equations using multiplication, solving equations using division, and solving multi-step equations.) ------- INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE

PROJECT- Student is starting a business. They need to pick 5 products they want to manufacture.  Create equations for the cost and profit of the products.  Then, choose how much you want to  profit in the first month, 6 months, and year.  Determine how many of each product you will have to sell to get the desired profit.

Review and Test

Technology to be Used: None
Other Materials: Glencoe/McGraw Hill (1998), Algebra 1, New York, New York: The McGraw-                   Hill Companies Inc.

Glencoe/McGraw Hill (1998), Algebra 1 Practice Masters, New York, NY: The McGraw-                  Hill Companies Inc.              

Procedural Activities: Introductory activity where student receives problems to work out. They will work them out any way that they want to.  This is to see how they work them out, not using equations.        ------ INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE AND LOGICAL-MATHEMATICAL

Guide students in solving equations step by step on the board.

Allow students to work together on solving equations.  ------INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE

Work through equations with and without real world applications.

Closing activity where students get the same problems that they worked out in the introductory activity.  This time they must use equations to solve them.  Compare answers to introductory activity

Attachments: rubricfortest.htm