Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title: Recycling Rules
Developed by: Kayla Wagner
Subject Area: Science (Writing and Math will be incorporated)
Topic: Recycling
Grade Level: 5th Grade
Time Frame: 5 days, 50 minutes a day. This lesson will take place during the 4th day of our unit

Content Standards

Lesson Objectives: Lesson Objectives
Assessment: Assessment will come from many things today. I will look at their journals and thank you notes, their compost pile data, participation in discussion groups, and listening skills during our guest speaker.

Assessment: Checklist example

Anticipatory Set: I will begin today by playing a tape of the song "Cycles" : Lyrics by Nancy Schmmel and music by Candy Forest (Musical/Rhythmic). This is a song that we have played everyday since we started this unit, so the children will know and be able to sing along.

Cycles Song Lyrics

Procedural Activities: Procedure
Closure: We will close by saying good-bye to our guest speaker. I will have the students reflect for 5 minutes in their journal about what they learned today from the guest speaker and from group discussions (Intrapersonal). They will take the last 10 minutes to write a thank you to our guest speaker. They will be able to decorate these freely (Verbal/Linguistic and Visual/Spatial).