Adjective Lesson Plans

LESSON PLAN TITLE:: Pickled Senses

SUBJECT AREA: Language Arts
TOPIC: 5 senses
GRADE LEVEL: 3rd Grade
TIME FRAME: 2 days, 30-45 minute sessions
LESSON SUMMARY: This lesson will teach the students how to use their 5 senses as they generate a list of adjectives describing a pickle. Then using those adjectives they will write a descriptive paragraph.
PREREQUISITES: Students will need to know what a noun is, how to write complete sentences, and know the senses.
STANDARDS: 3rd Grade SD State Writing Standards
LESSON OBJECTIVE Students will learn to:

1. use descriptive words to elaborate detail through action (Bodily/Kinesthetic)

2. generate a list of adjectives using their 5 senses (Naturalist Intelligence)

3. use the writing process to produce a descriptive piece (Verbal Linguistic)

4. work together cooperatively in a group (Interpersonal)

ASSESSMENT: Self-assessment form, pickle adjective, formal observation, their written paragraph, viewing the students working together by walking around the classroom
OTHER MATERIALS: pickles, writing paper


Day 1- using the pickles, review the 5 senses, explain how to   use the 5 senses to create adjectives to describe the pickle

-split into groups to make a list of adjectives

-present an action for each adjective to their group

Day 2- write the paragraph

ATTACHMENTS: Adjectives list