For Your Health

Lesson Plan Title:  For Your Health
Developed by:  Gena Meier, K-12 Physical Education Teacher, Plevna Public School, Plevna, South Dakota
Subject Area:  Lifetime fitness
Topic:  walking/jogging
Grade Level:  Grade 9-10
Time Frame:  4-6 days, 45 minute sessions
Lesson Summary:  The purpose of this lesson is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and apply a personal walking or jogging program to improve their own health-related fitness.  During class students will work to improve aerobic fitness through jogging and walking.  Students will gain knowledge of the importance of physical activity and fitness.
Prerequisites:  Students will need to be familiar with basic word processing skills.

 South Dakota Physical Education Standard 1

            Indicator 1: Complex locomotor skills

            Indicator 3: Non-locomotor skills

     South Dakota Physical Education Standard 2

            Indicator 1: Students will analyze scientific concepts and principles in developing

their personal fitness plans.

            Indicator 2: Students will evaluate the influence of physical, emotional, and

cognitive factors on physical activity.

     South Dakota Physical Education Standard 3

            Indicator 1: Students will monitor personal fitness levels using heart rate monitors.

     South Dakota Physical Education Standard 5

            Indicator 1: Students will evaluate the benefits of having a program that is self-


Lesson Objectives:  Students will:

1.      develop a positive attitude while participating in walking and jogging

2.      develop an understanding of the importance of a proper warm up and cool down

3.      develop the knowledge of their own fitness level

4.      demonstrate goal setting in their fitness goals

5.      demonstrate the ability to design their own fitness plan


Students will be grade on the following:

            Quiz scores-vocabulary quiz, safety quiz, and post-unit quiz


            Participation in leading activities-stretching



            Journal writing


Technology to be Used:

 Computers, heart rate monitors, pedometers, TV/VCR,

suggested internet sites:


Other Materials: Journals for records and goals, Fitness magazine
Procedural Activities: Day 1     Day 2     Day 3     Day 4    Day 5     Expanded Activities
Attachments: Attachment A: Vocabulary Quiz/Post-Unit Quiz

Attachment B: Safety Quiz