President Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Title: Honestly Abe!
Developed by: Raelyn Haak
Subject Area: History
Topic: Abraham Lincoln
Grade Level: 1st Grade
Time Frame: 3 days
Lesson Summary:

This lesson was developed to help children truly understand who our 16th president was.  During this lesson, children will be expected to partake in a variety of activities.

Prerequisites: Children will have formerly reviewed some of the earlier Presidents, such as George Washington.
Standards: South Dakota History Standards
Procedural Activities: Students Will:
     1. Write a summary before we start the lesson on everything they know about           Abraham Lincoln. They will do this again at the end of the lesson. (Verbal Linguistic)
     2.  Sing songs about Abraham Lincoln (Musical-Rhythmic)
     3.  Go to a website I provide and fill out a worksheet answering Abe Lincoln questions.
     4.  Have a short children's book about Abraham Lincoln read to them (Verbal Linguistic)
     5.  Write poems about Lincoln (Interpersonal)
     6.  Have a short quiz at the end of their lesson to measure learning.
     7.  Watch a short video on Lincoln. (Visual-Spatial)
Assessment: Improvement on their summaries from before to after the lesson, class discussion participation, skit performances, poems, and quiz.
Technology to be Used: Television, and Computer looking at this Internet site.
The life of Abraham Lincoln

The Spirit of Lincoln Song
Other Materials: Song Sheets, Lined Paper, Children's Book
Attachments: Attachment A: Rubric
Attachment B: Abraham Lincoln Song
Attachment C: Abraham Lincoln Quiz