Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title:  Finding your strongest intelligence
Developed by: Jessica Fox
Subject Area: Math
Topic: Learning through using our many intelligences
Grade Level: 2nd
Time Frame: 40 min
Lesson Summary: This lesson is designed to help students become not only visually aware of math equations, but they will also engage in groups where they must work together to come up with a solution to the problem. Through this experience the students will become closer to their peers and also realize that not everyone learns the same.
Prerequisites:  some knowledge of math
Standards:  1. Students will exercise their minds by working alone and with their peers to find solutions to the problems

2. Help students realize there are different ways to learn and not everyone learns the same way

Lesson Objectives:  1. Students will be able to solve math problems alone and together

2. students will use their 8 multiple intelligences to solve the problems

Assessment:  1. Students will be graded on their participation and actions
Technology to be Used: none
Other Materials:  
Procedural Activities:  1. Students will work on a set of math problems alone (intrapersonal)

2. Students will get into groups and pick a spokesman and recorder. (interpersonal)

3. Observe the equation with the apples on the desk (naturalist)

4. Write down the equations and answers (logical-mathematical)

5. explain why it is important to work by yourself and with others

Attachments http://doe.sd.gov/contentstandards/math/core/k2.htm