Ecology Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Title: The Cycle of Energy
Developed by: Jessica Ketterling, 8th Grade Biology Teacher, Aberdeen School District
Subject Area: Biology
Topic: The cycle of Energy
Grade Level: 8th
Time Frame: 10:00am-11:20am    80 min (block scheduling)
Lesson Summary: Students will, through a series of experiences, gather understanding of the relationship energy has on an ecosystem.
Prerequisites: Students must have a general understanding of energy transfer and general structure.
Standards: Standards
Lesson Objectives:

Lesson Objectives:

Students will learn to:

            1. Observe nature and how the environment gathers energy (Naturalist)

            2. Draw a diagram using color to direct the path of energy through an ecosystem    (Visual/Spatial)

           3. Compare and contrast how plants and animals use their energy. (Linguistic)

            4. List all the ways that energy effects an ecosystem

            5.  Start a journal with sketches and feelings of the nature walk (Intrapersonal)

Assessment: Journal Criteria, quiz, (see attachments)
Technology to be Used: digital cameras, student disks, and computer
Other Materials: Ecology Journals, markers/crayons, drawing paper, zip lock bags for samples from nature walk
Procedural Activities: 10:00-10:10:  Review

10:10-10:35: Nature Walk

10:35-10:45: Compare and Contrast

10:45-11:05: Draw diagram of energy through a system

11:05-11:15: Create a list of ways energy effects an ecosystem

11:15-11:20: Take Quiz

Assign one page journal entry for tomorrows homework

                       *remember to draw diagrams of the samples you collected

Attachments: Attachment A: Safety Rules for nature walk

Attachment B: Quiz

Attachment C: Criteria for Journal