Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title: Concepts of Design
Developed by: Jodi Borns
Subject Area: Art
Topic: Importance of Design
Grade Level: Secondary (9-12)
Time Frame: Two weeks three times a week
Lesson Summary:

The  main purpose of this unit is to learn the concepts behind design. We will study visual perceptions and their applications in fundamental design. A series of projects are executed developing an understanding of the elements and principles of design .

Prerequisites: Introduction of basic drawing and design
Standards: SD Social Studies Standards
Lesson Objectives: The Students will accomplish the following:
Assessment: Pre-Test and Post-Test
Technology to be Used: Scanner, Internet, Word Processor
Other Materials: Map, Overheads, Video, First Person Accounts
Procedural Activities: Practice Thesis, Trail of Tears Map, Poem
Attachments: Related Internet