Lesson Plan Title: Alien Adventure!
Developed by: Lacey Wanner
Subject Areas: Science, Art
Topic: Space
Grade Level: First Grade
Time Frame: one 40 minute class period
Materials: White drawing paper, colors, markers, colored pencils
Lesson Summary: This lesson is a conclusion to a week-long unit on space.  As a fun closing activity, the students will be creating their own aliens.  This lesson is designed to allow the students to be creative and express themselves through use of color, imagination, and vocal presentation.
Prerequisites: The students will need to be familiar with the names of the nine planets and basic characteristics of those planets.
Standards: Earth/Space Standards
7.  observe and identify the basic components of the solar system. (example: sun, planets)

Visual Arts Standards
Standard One-  Students will understand and use visual arts as a means for creative self- expression and interpersonal communication.
Lesson Objectives: The students will use their creativity to make up their own alien and assign that alien to a specific planet.  The students will introduce their alien to the entire class using a loud, clear speaking voice.
Anticipatory Set: I will introduce the lesson by showing them a drawing that I made of an alien.  I will introduce my alien to the class by giving his name and the planet that he is from.
Assessment: I will be assessing the students by their performance on the lesson rubric that I have created.  To view the lesson rubric see attached file.
Procedural Activities:

 I will begin by giving each student a piece of drawing paper.  I will explain to the class that as a conclusion to our space unit I would like them to make their own aliens. (Intrapersonal)  I will tell them that creativity is very important. (Visual/Spatial)  I will explain to the students that they need to think of a name for their alien and they need to pick one of the planets we talked about to be their alienís home planet.  All of the materials will be placed on a separate table so that the children can have them available at all times. (Bodily/Kinesthetic) The students will have to raise their hands when they are done creating and coloring their alien and then I will come to their tables and write the name that they choose and the alienís home planet on top of the papers.  When everyone is finished with their aliens, I will have them introduce their aliens to the class. (Verbal/Linguistic) 

Attachments: Alien Adventure! Rubric