Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title:

 How the West was Won and Lost

Developed by:

 Matt Luze

Subject Area:



 Westward Expansion

Grade Level:


Time Frame:

1 week

Lesson Summary:

During this unit, students will understand the important events and government acts that contributed to the mass westward expansion after the Civil War.  Students will also learn how the loss of the buffalo contributed to the Native Americanís downfall.  The students will learn important concepts that were broken during this time period; such as trust, honesty, pride, etc.  Click here for Multiple Intelligence questions.


 The students will have covered material dating back to the end of the War of 1812 through the end of the Civil War.



Explain how, following the Civil War, massive immigration combined with the rise of big business, heavy industry, and mechanized farming transformed American life with emphasis on: western settlement and changing federal policy toward the Indians, obstacles faced and contributions made by immigrants, and the growth of American cities.

Lesson Objectives:

 Students are to learn about the major conflicts, individuals, and events that happened during the war.  The students will also be addressing the issue of slavery during this time.


Click here for Assessment criteria and example.

Technology to be Used:

 Computers, PowerPoint, Projection Screens, and any other resources that might be needed.

Other Materials:

 Building materials such as glue, putty, popsicle sticks, cardboard, cloth, and other fabric materials.

Procedural Activities:

 Click here for procedural activities