Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title: Understanding & Singing "Colors of the Wind"
Developed by: Kayla M. Bogenrief, B.M.E., Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota
Subject Area: Fine Arts 
Topic: Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas
Grade Level: High School
Time Frame: Two Class periods, about 90 minutes
Lesson Summary:
  • Students will understand the lyrics to the piece of music, visualize themselves as being a part of Pocahontas, understanding another culture, be able to move with the music, understand the musical and rhythmic patterns, seeing the story, and learning time signatures, counting, and rhythm.
  • Students will have separate lessons where I will see if they understand their part in the music and all the notes as well as tempo.
  • Students will sing as an ensemble in front of their family and friends for a concert. This will show their achievement and success in the understanding of music.


Prerequisites: Most students will have taken music before and will be familiar with reading notes, time signature, tempo understanding the lyrics to music and singing with others.  
Standards: High School Fine Arts Music Standards:

1. Students will perform and sing with expression. Students will use the performance of music as a means for creative expression and communication.

2. Students will create harmony together. Students will communicate their thoughts and ideas through the creation of music.

3. Students will read the music. Students will read and notate music.

4. Students will listen to and evaluate others. Students will listen to, analyze, and evaluate music.

5. Students will understand relationships by learning about a different culture in the music. Students will understand music's relationship to society, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts, history, and culture.

Retrieved from:  http://doe.sd.gov/contentstandards/


Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to perform with expression and perform with confidence. Students will also be creative and imaginative which will show through their creation of music. Understanding the notation and reading music will be accomplished, hearing analyzing, and evaluating music will be understood. Finally students will understand different culture in music as well as the music's relationship to society, and culture.
Assessment: Performance, Voice Lessons
Technology to be Used: Compact Disc of Pocahontas, Compact Disc player, Television with VHS or DVD, Pocahontas the movie
Other Materials: None
Procedural Activities:
  1. Review the piece before sung. What is the time signature, key signature, tricky notes, rhythms, and words that will be a different vowel when sung? (Logical- Mathematical Intelligence)
  2. Discuss what the lyrics of the piece mean. (Verbal Linguistic Intelligences)
  3. Take a field trip where we will hike up a trail and visualize or interpret how Pocahontas and her tribe survived in the wilderness. (Naturalist Intelligence)
  4. Listen to the song and visualize the song as a part of you. (Intrapersonal Intelligence)
  5. Perform the piece for the teacher to see if it is well learned. (Musical- Rhythmic Intelligence)
  6. Prepare dance movements to the piece, swaying, holding hands, etc. (Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence)
  7. Do a final performance for everyone. (Interpersonal Intelligence)
  8. After success of a great performance, they get to watch Pocahontas the movie. (Visual- Spatial Intelligence) 
Attachments: Pocahontas Information, Separate Lesson Rubric, Performance Rubric, Index