Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title:

The mystery of Chinese Character 

Developed by:

 Xia Du Northern State University

Subject Area:



Chinese Character

Grade Level:

Sixth Grade

Time Frame:

800am to 9:00am

Lesson Summary:

Art is fundamental to the growth of a child and an integration of many skills and basic experiences that begin at home and are continued and expanded in early childhood programs. I have an inclination in putting across the mystery of Chinese Character by using art. A Chinese script of one form or another has been in existence for over 5000 years. Although it has continued to develop, the basic form of the writing was already established by 200A.D. This makes it not only a very interesting aspect of Chinese life, but also one of mankind’s greatest early achievements. After intriguing the children, I shall illuminate them, and develop their imagination to reflect any behavior, afterwards, to draw a picture. According to the picture, they are in a better position to create a Chinese character. To meet their curiosity, I shall disclose the answer of their picture as a closure.


Students must a basic foundation towards drawing and full of imagination. 


 SD state Art standard: (Grade 6)

²        Students will express personal ideas, experiences, or emotions through various media, processes, and techniques.

²        Students will determine the quality and effectiveness of personal artwork using specific criteria.

²        Students will be used to creating a variety of art forms.

²        Students will investigate ways the visual arts reflect and influence the culture and societies in which they were created.

²        Students will use visual arts to communicate themes and concepts from other disciplines.

Lesson Objectives:

²        Explore the mystery of Chinese Character in conjunction with art for young children.

²        To develop the children’s imagination to structure the Chinese character according to picture that  they draw.

²        Summarize how children’s artistic growth can be assessed.


²        I will assess the children whether they understand the mystery of Chinese Character by observing their picture.

²        I will enlighten them by developing their imagination in that imagination enables the child to burst the confines of the ordinary.



Technology to be Used:

 Internet: to find some examples of Chinese character to show the class.

Other Materials:

Crayon, a piece of white paper

Procedural Activities:

²        I shall introduce the history of Chinese Character and show several picture concerning character in order to intrigue the children. (Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence and visual-spatial)

²        I will inspire them to reflect some stuff or movement in the daily life, which is so as to develop their imagination. The students can ponder over or reflect any behavior of life and prepare for designing Chinese character. ( Intrapersonal Intelligence)

²        Everyone will make a performance about the behavior or movement in daily life. (Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence)

²        According to the behavior in daily life, they will draw a picture. (Visual-Spatial Intelligence)

²        To satisfy their curiosity, I shall disclose the answer of character what they ponder over. Afterwards, students will share their feeling towards Chinese character. (Interpersonal Intelligence)


Book: “what’s in a Chinese Character” by Tan Huan Peng

The sample of my picture file