Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title:  The area of a pool that will cost the least
Developed by:  Amanda Steffen
Subject Area:  Math
Topic: Area of a pool
Grade Level: 8th Grade Algebra
Time Frame: 50 minutes/1 class period
Lesson Summary:   Students will practice multiplying and dividing using a real life example.  They will be put into groups to try and figure out what area of a pool will require the least amount of material and be the least expensive.  They will be using a diagram of the pool and small cubes that represent units to create the sides of the pool on the diagram.  The groups will present their findings to the class.
Prerequisites:  Students will need to know how to multiply and divide and will also need to know how to compute the area and perimeter of an object.
Standards: 6-8 Algebra standards
Lesson Objectives:   Students will:  be able to think independently and be able to contribute to group as a whole, be able to think logically as to which area of the pool will cost the least, be able to find area and perimeter using equations, understand that it may take trial and error to solve the problem, understand how math can be applied to real life situations.
Assessment:  Quiz, along with completion of the activity and the conclusions they come to.
Technology to be Used:  None
Other Materials:  Worksheet with the problem on it and a diagram of the pool, cubes for the students to lay out on the diagram to represent the edges and dimension of the pool.
Procedural Activities:  Students will figure out through trial and error what area produces the least expense using the area formula using their Logical/Mathematical skills.  Students will think for themselves which is Intrapersonal, but work in groups as a team which is Interpersonal.  Students will use the small cubes to visualize what the pool will look like when they use different dimensions.  This will require them to use their Visual/Spatial skills.  Students will present to the class what conclusion they came to and how they went about it using their Verbal/Linguistic skills.
Attachments:  None