Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title: A New Perspective
Developed by: Megan Enderson
Subject Area: Art
Topic: One point perspective drawing
Grade Level: 5th grade
Time Frame: 4 classes (40 minutes approx.)
Lesson Summary: The Students will learn to construct a street scene using one point perspective rules. 
Prerequisites: Students need to have knowledge of shape. 

Students need to be able to use a ruler. 

Students need to understand different types of line.

Standards: SD standards  (standards 1, 2 and 4)
Lesson Objectives:

Students will understand theory of one point perspective.  Students will know vocabulary such as vanishing point, one-point perspective, and horizon line.

Assessment: Rubric
Technology to be Used: N/A
Other Materials: 18x24 drawing paper, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, rulers
Procedural Activities:

Materials:18x24 drawing paper, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, rulers


1. Lecture on one point perspective.  Explain how lines go a certain way and everything goes towards a vanishing point. (Verbal linguistic) (1st class period 15 minutes)

2. Show examples of perspective in photos and art.  (Visual/special) (1st class period 15-20 minutes)

3.  Take students outside of school to view a neighborhood and see how looking down a street you have a vanishing point and how lines appear slanted. (Naturalistic) (2nd class period 20 minutes)

4. Relate perspective shapes to Geometry, discuss angles, go over review of how to correctly use a ruler.  (logical/mathematical) (2nd class period 20 minutes)

5. Students will work on their drawing for 2 class periods, constructing a city scene with store fronts, sidewalks, etc. Students will need to include personal things such as; naming a store after themselves, a family member or friend etc, putting things of interest to them into the scene.  Drawings will be colored.  (Intrapersonal)  (3rd and 4th class period)

Attachments: examples of perspective