(The below is not really an outline of the lecture as I gave it.  I suggest to you some things you might discuss in connection with the essay question.)

I.  Senseless in its causes

 (Risk Theory: note that Germans were trying to make sure Britain did not go to war with them but instead made Britain more likely to go to war)

II.  Senseless in way it expanded

 (Discuss how a minor event in the Balkans ended up causing a major war because of things like the Sclieffen plan.)

III.  Senseless in way it was fought

 (Discuss trench warfare and the treatment of the Armenians as examples.)

IV.  Senseless in way concluded

 (Discuss the Versailles Treaty and the Fourteen Points)

V.  Senseless in its results

 (Note how WW I led to Communism, Fascism, National Socialism, and WW II)