Angela Weber

Discussion Outline
Class: American History
Unit:  World War II
Topic:  The Road to War

Specific Objectives of the Discussion:

At the end of this discussion, students will be able to:

Describe the impact of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Identify ways in which specific leaders of today are like those leaders during World War II.


The topic of The Road to War was discussed from
    Chapter 12.
ThenI asked the students these questions:
    -What historical event took place today, on
    December 7, 1941?
    -What is the significance of Pearl Harbor?
    -Who was involved in Pearl Harbor?
    -How did Pearl Harbor get the United States to
    become involved in World War II?
    -Do you feel the United States would have
    become involved in Pearl Harbor even if the
    bombing at Pearl Harbor would not have
    -How are Hitler and Mussolini like many leaders
    of today?  For example Saddam Hussein.
    -What characteristics do these leaders all share?
        -These characteristics were written on the
    board to show how these     people are very

Conclusion:Questions over the material covered
    and over the discussion questions.

Class:  American History

Unit:  World War II

Topic:  The Road to War

Unit Objectives:  The students will understand the impact of
Hitler, and Mussolini on the position of the United States to
remain neutral during World War II.

Specific Objectives:

        At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

        A) Define the terms: Good Neighbor Policy, totalitarian,
        fascists, Axis Powers, and appeasement.
        B) List the Axis Powers at the end of 1936.

        C) Describe the impact of the Adolf Hitler and the Nazi
        Party on Europe.

        D) Identify 2 ways in which the United States tried to
        maintain neutrality.

        A) Textbook section chapter 12, section 1on The Road to

        B) The use of transparencies that show the location of
        Germany, Italy and Japan.

        C) Discussion Questions:
                1.  What historical event happened today on December
                7, 1941 around 8:00 this morning?
                2.  Why was it important for the United States to
                maintain neutral?
                3.  How was the economy of the United States during
                the start of World War II?

Key Point:  How the United States tried to maintain neutrality
during the rise of World War II.


        A) Introduction:
                1. Create a graphic overview for the class.
                2. Explain the significance of December 7, 1941.
                3. Explain the major events leading to the United States
                becoming involved in World War II.

        B) Conclusion:
                1. Questions over the material covered.