The United States and World War I

I.    Introduction

II.    Causes
    A.    Underlying causes: German mistakes to 1914
    B.    Immediate causes: Serbia/Austria conflict

III.    Expansion of War

IV.    America on the sidelines
    A.    Trade
    B.    Sinking of Lusitania
    C.    Wilson holds the line: 1916 Election

V.    America steps in
    A.    Zimmerman note
    B.    U-boat warfare
    C.    Wilson’s promises
        1.    A war to end all wars
        2.    A war to make the world safe for democracy
    D.   Wilson’s plan: the Fourteen Points
    E.    America makes the difference

VI.   End of War
    A.    Fourteen points?
    B.    Versailles treaty

VII.    Impact of War on America
    A.    Increased involvement in European affairs
    B.    Domestic politics blurred by international concerns (e.g., 1920 election)
    C.    Increased intolerance
        1.    Anti-German sentiment
        2.    Anti-Black sentiment
        3.    Anti-socialist sentiment
    D.    Changed role for women
    E.    Prohibition