Totalitarian movements

All sorts of Web sites will give you details of various attrocities associated with these totallitarian regimes.  One such is  Gendercide, an excellent source for  The Holocaust (Hitler's attempts to wipe out the Jews),  Stalin's Purges, and the Nanjing Massacre (Japanases attrocities in China), as well as more recent attrocities in places like  Bangladesh and  Rwanda.

See also these  Totalitarianism links.

I.  Rise of Communism in Russia

(Stalin, Lenin)

II.  Rise of Fascism in Italy

III.  Rise of Nazis in Germany

IV.  Rise of Military dictatorship in Japan

V.  Expansion of totalitarians just prior to and during first days of WW II.

VI.  How democracies stopped fascism, national socialism, and the Japanese military.

VII.  How WW II made the Communists stronger than ever.

 (Yalta, Potsdam)

VIII.  The Holocaust/Night