Class:  Economics
Unit:  Taxes
Topic:  Income Tax and how it affects our country.
Unit objectives: The student will understand the impact of the =93income
taxes=94 on the American Society.

Specific Objectives:
Studentswill understand the impact of  =93income tax=94 by
    discussing in class its role in our society.
Studentswill understand the main points of  =93income tax=94
    and how it effects the Aberdeen School District.
Studentswill compare and contrast foreclosures, IRS, and
    not paying taxes and how they all work hand in hand.

Textbooksection on Taxes.
The use of a 12-minute videotape on Income Tax.
Identification-The students will define in class (W-
    4 form, Personal Income Tax, public Goods and
    Services, Tax Liability, Voluntary Compliance, and
How do taxes help pay for Public Goods and
If  one does not claim all of their income (tips) how
    does it affect the country as a whole.
If  one does not claim all of their income (tips) how
    does it affect the community and school.

Key Point:
    Income tax is very important and necessary for us as Americans
    to continue to live the life we have come accustomed to living.

Get classes attention by describing my life and
    myself so far.
Createa graphic overview for the class on taxes.
Discussthe key terms and how they are important
    and talk about their relevancy.
Watch "Income Tax" Video and pause it 4 time
    during the 12 minutes to ask questions to the
Breakdown my money and play a simulation game
    on how the taxes from it would affect Aberdeen
    Central if the taxes were not paid.
Leadanother discussion about the tax money from
    the game.
Drawparallels between paying taxes and not
    paying taxes.
Reiteratethe importance of income tax and how in
    the end it helps America.
Questionsover material covered.

        Handouts over terms
        Chalk Board
        12 minute movie on income tax