Recipe for success

In this game you will have your students match the ingredients  of a
term or event with the specific term or event , if you can match them,
you have a recipe for success.

Procedures for Playing
1. On separate index cards, write down questions about anything taught
in the class, preferably on the current chapter or unit you are going
over.  Create enough question cards to equal one-half the number or
students in your class.  2. Then write out answers to all of the
questions on separate cards. 3. Mix the two sets of cards together and
shuffle them very thoroughly. 4.  Then pass out the one card to each
student. 5.  Have the students find the match to their cards by going
around the room and questioning other studnets for the proper match to
their specific card.

1. The studnets will find their match and then go to the front of the
room to the instructor to make sure they had their proper match. 2.
Let's say there are 20 kids in the class.  That would make 10 groups.
As soon as the groups get to the teacher and are varied, they will
receive points in the order of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1,
depending on the order they got to the teacher.  3. Each student will
keep track of his or her own score.  The game will go for 7 rounds.
After 7 rounds all the scores will be added up and rewards or bonus
points can be given to the winners or whomever the teacher decides to
give them to.  For example, 1st, 2nd , and 3rd.

Review Aspect
1. After the 7th round the students will sit down with the student
that they were last matched up with.  The  pairs will then read their
recipes aloud for the class. 2. This could be used to review for exams
and/or for review of a prior day's notes in which the teacher may have
given a lot of terms.