Lesson Plan

Class: American History                 Grade:  11
Unit: The English Colonies in North America
Topic: Settlement of the English Colonies
Unit Objectives: The student will understand the impact of the
settlement of the English colonies.

Specific Objectives:
Studentswill list the reasons for English colonization
    with 100% accuracy.
Studentswill explain, name, and identify the English
    colonies that were established in North America
    with 100% accuracy.
Studentswill identify 5 effects that mercantilism had
    on English society and its need for colonies, with
    90% accuracy.
Studentswill define the English colonial policy and
    how it led to a growth of colonial self-government,
    with 90% accuracy.

Textbooksection on settlement of the English
    colonies of North America.
The use of maps of the English colonies in order to
    denote location of these colonies.
Whatare the reasons for English settlement
    in North America?
Whatadvantage was a coastal location for
    the settlers?
Whatwas the first permanent English

Key Point:  How did the quest for religious freedom push some
English settlers to America in the 1600's.

Createa chapter overview for the class.
Developa map of the English colonies,
    showing geographic location.
Divideinto groups and discuss religious
    freedom both then and now.

Drawparallels for the need for happiness in
    the 1600's with the want for happiness
Questionsover the material covered.