Sequence of events

(James Krause)
Grade levels: 6-12
Subjects: Social Studies-U.S. History
Description: To make history fun and vivid in the minds eye for specific time periods in American History.
Goal: The purpose of this activity is to give the students the skills to place historical events in a sequence and tie together in a visual form those events.
Objectives: The student will be able to:
1. Select and recognize important events and dates from a time period in U.S. History.
2. Place dates and events in the correct sequence on a timeline with an image or symbol that fixes the thought in the student's mind.
3. Create an image or symbol that coincides with the historical event being studied.
4. Effectively review material being studied for final evaluation.
1. History textbook
2. Examples of symbols and images that represent ideas or people, places and things.
3. Examples of timelines.
1. Students identify the specific dates and events from a time period in American History to make a timeline.
2. Students make a rough draft of dates and events and corresponding symbols/images.
3. Students use creativity to construct a combination of historical facts and images in a timeline nutshell. Colors and structure get bonus points.
4. Students discuss and explain timelines.
Tie it together:
1. Students display timelines in the classroom and discuss the merits of each in a positive fashion.
2. Every student should be able shine and express their artistic side while learning the historical facts in a quick and painless manner.
3. As for the lecture part of this lesson, the teacher would begin by telling a personal history timeline of their own to the class. By sharing a common ground, the teacher would have something in common and the students may be more inclined to go on a academic journey when the teacher lays out the brochures.