Publishing your pages

Procedure one: the way things used to work (when they worked)

1.  Create your page using Netscape Communicator or use Communicator to open a page you've made with another program.

2.  Click on publish.

3.  Fill in the five boxes:

4.  If you have graphics on the page, be sure to check "files associated with page" in the "other files to include section."

5. Click "ok" and your page should be where you want it.

Procedure two: a more reliable though (at first) a bit trickier procedure

1.  Create your page using any editor you want.  Save your page and all associated files (graphics, etc.) in a folder you can get to easily.  Saving onto a desktop folder works well.

2.  Open Microsoft's Internet Explorer (not Netscape this time).

3.  In the location bar, type

4.  When prompted for your user name and password, use your NSU e-mail username and your NSU e-mail passwordThis will open up a screen showing you all the files stored on your Web site.

5.  Drag and drop any files you want published onto the ftp page.  Be sure to move the graphics too!

6.  That's it!  Anything dragged to your ftp location is published.