(Dina Rush)

Materials Needed:
 Flip cards with passwords

Step 1:  Divide the class into two teams and line the teams up in desks, with the first two
desks facing each other.

Step 2:  Give a flip chart to each person sitting in the first desk of each team.

Step 3:  Play
-  Each student tries to get the next student in line to guess the word on the card without saying that word.  When that person succeeds, the person in the first seat rotates to the back and everyone else moves up one seat.  The first team who rotates all the way through scores.  The highest score wins.

 Step 4:  Reward
       Possibility 1:  The team gets candy each time it scores.
Possibility 2:  The team with the highest score gets a first prize while the team    with the low score gets a second prize.