In the book of Romans, Paul does an excellent job mediating the differences between Jewish and gentile Christians, and he many difficult passages in the book are easier to understand if one keeps in mind Paul’s primary goal: getting Jews and gentiles to work together. Comment.
I. What Jews and Gentiles have in common
    A.  Gospel message itself
    B.  Common need of salvation
    C.  Common means of salvation

II. Proper attitude toward non-Christians
    A.  Proper attitude toward non-Christian Jews
    B.  Proper attitude toward non-Christian gentiles
IV. Mediation of arguments over ceremony/ Jewish law

V. Mediation of arguments over civil authorities

VI. Clarification of “chosen people”

VII. Gentile persecution of Jews/Jewish persecution of Christians

VIII. A lifestyle that ends conflict (Romans Ch. 12)

IX. Difficult passages clarified by context