I.  Introduction: Wars as Turning Points in History
    II.  Criticisms of Herodotus

   III.  The Persian War
         A.  Greek settlement of Ionia
         B.  Lydian/Persian conquest of Ionia
         C.  Rise of Persian Empire
         D.  Ionian Revolt
         E.  Divisions among the Greeks
         F.  Persian advance on Greece (Naxos, Eretria)
         G.  Marathon (Callimachus/Miltiades)
         H.  Xerxes advance into Greece
         I.  Thermopylae
         J.  Advance on Athens
         H.  Salamis (Themistocles)
         I.  Plataea (Pausanias vs. Mardonius)
         J.  Mycale (Xanthippus)