Seed 415
Hunter Style Lesson Plan
Connie Mogen


Course: American History
Grade-. 11

Title: Pearl Harbor

Time: 90 min.

Materials: VCR, tape.) poster, pictures

1. The student will summarize reasons for U. S. entrance into NVWII.
2. The student "I evaluate the pros and cons of these reasons.
Setting the stage:
Show pictures of Pearl Harbor bombing.
Discuss: Background from homework reading.
Construct: Time line of MINMI events.
Groups: Posit "legitimate" reasons for a country to go to war. Refer to
textbook and previous class notes.
Show: Anti-Japanese and anti-German posters and newselips(video).
Journal: What role did emotions play in the U.S. entrance into MINMI?
Defend or critique the reasons for going to war.