Patriotic Rap
Margi Coxwell
(written in 1991 for sixth graders in Billings, MT)

1. Each and every year in February
We take time to think about our country:
America, the land of the free,
The world’s greatest democracy.

2. In the year one-thousand, or so, they say
The Vikings sailed and found a way
Across the Atlantic, across that great sea.
Vinland, they called this new country.

3. Columbus came over in fourteen-ninety-two,
Looking for Asia and spices, too.
In 1607, in a swampy place,
The Jamestown, Virginians set up their base.

4. Sixteen-twenty brought the Pilgrims few.
Their Mayflower sailed the ocean blue
And brought them to land at Plymouth Rock.
The Mayflower Compact they would not mock.

5. Many years later our country could boast
Of thirteen colonies on the Atlantic Coast.
England was called the “Mother Land”,
But made many laws we could not stand.

6. On the fourth of July, Seventeen-seventy-six
To King George the third, we said, “Nix!”
The taxes he wanted were just not cool,
So we declared independence from British rule.

7. We won the Revolutionary War,
Wrote a Constitution, and even more,
A president was needed, who would it be?
George Washington, father of our country!

8. Later on we fought the Civil War,
To save the Union from division at the core,
We fought to keep our country whole,
And to guarantee freedom to every soul.

9. Abraham Lincoln from a log cabin came.
As our sixteenth President he earned fame.
His Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves.
He did many other things to save the U.S.A.

10. In the late eighteen hundreds things started to pop
With inventors galore, we just couldn’t stop.
With Thomas Edison’s electric light
And Alex Bell’s phone, we can talk through the night.

11. In the middle of the twentieth century
We developed more advanced technology;
Computers and microwaves, CDs and such,
New things and different—we have so much!

12. We have fought many wars in this past century:
In Europe, Korea, Japan, and Saudi,
Viet Nam and Central America, too.
Many people died for me and you.

13. It takes constant work to keep people free.
Civil rights are essential for our country.
With people like Martin Luther King
That Liberty Bell will really ring.

14. It was two hundred years in nineteen-ninety-one
Since the Bill of Rights was written for our nation.
We celebrate our life and liberty
In the home of the brave and the land of the free.