I.  Background

II.  Attempts to assure his contemporaries of the traditional truths of Christian Faith

III.  Reasons to wish Christianity were true
 A.  Unhappiness of men without God
  1.  Idolatry
  2.  Injustice
  3.  Irrational wars
  4.  Selfishness
  5.  Longing for glory
  6.  Uncertainty of life
  7.  Shortness of life
  8.  Need for distraction
  9.  Inconstancy
 B. Happiness of men with God
  (Answers to above)

IV.  Reasons to believe it is true
 A.  Fulfillment of scriptural prophecies
  1.  Jewish Messiah would be accepted by gentiles
  2.  Jewish Messiah would be rejected by Jews!
  3.  Messiah would come before fall of Jerusalem
  4.  Messiah would come in days of fourth kingdom (Rome)
  5.  Messiah would teach the way of perfection
  6.  Messiah would be crucified
 B.  Miracles

V.  The evidence of probability (Pascal's Wager)

VI.  The greatest of all proofs of Christianity

VII.  The ultimate source of assurance (cf., Pensees, p. 309)