Name the State
Mike McCreary

     This game teaches the students about the different states of the United
States.  First split the students into groups of four or five in each group.
Have the students pick two states.  After picking the two states they need
to write five questions about them.  The questions are worth five points to
one point so your questions should go from hard to easy.  Some example
questions would be what are the state motto, state bird, and questions like
that.  Once all the groups have figured out their questions they all turn
them into the teacher.  The teacher shuffles the questions and starts asking
the questions.  In order to answer each group will have chosen one person to
answer.  The first team to have the answer has their person raise there hand
and answer.  If wrong then they lose that many points but do not go below
zero.  After answering the question the teacher goes to the next state.  The
goal of this is not to see who can get the most points, but to get the
students to learn more about the United States.