SS 480/ Professor Marmorstein
November 11, 1999

Name Tag Game
(best suited for overview of material)
1. First you will need note cards (any size will work).
2. Write terms or persons on one note card and the appropriate response on another card. i.e. guerilla warfare: warfare used in Vietnam, or Clinton:
3. Tape a card to the studentís back, not letting them see what is on the card.
4. Instruct class that they are supposed to match up with their partner by asking students questions about what is on their back.
5. When students match their partner, they can go to the teacher and get a reward.

This is a good game for an overview.  It lets you know what students already know about the subject and also gives students a chance to know what they will be learning about.
This game can also be modified, by only letting them say one word about the card on their back, or just by using hand actions.

--Casey Hanson