Name Tag Match
Connie Mogen

1.  Get notecards and markers.
2.  Write names, terms, places on the cards making out two cards for
each item or use different items on the two cards that are connected.
Example:  Dec. 7th, 1941 and the attack on Pearl Harbor.
3.  Instruct class that the tags will be taped to their backs and that
they need to find the person with the matching or related tag.  In order
to do that they need to ask other students questions about the item on
the tag.  Sample questions could be: Am I  a person, place, date, etc.
Caution students not to tell the actual item--just answer yes or no.
4.  Tape cards to students' backs.
5. Let students start matching up!  When students find their partner,
they can have a small reward such as a treat or special privelege.