Chris Moen
SS 480/ Prof. Marmorstein
Instructional Planning Lesson
November 10, 1999

Civil War

1. Objectives
1. The student will be able to describe the reason for the start and end of the Civil War.
2. The student will be able to name and discuss the Civil War Generals.
3. The student will be able to compare the views of the North and South and discuss what would have happened if the South won.
4. The student will be able to discuss the
Emancipation Proclamation and what they would have done the same/different.
2. Learning Experiences
1. Using the textbook and class notes, the students will complete worksheets on the Civil War
2. In groups the students will complete essay answers on Generals Grant and Lee.
3. In groups students using the computer program “The Civil War: Two Views” will be given an assigned side (North or South) and build arguments for their side and then decide what would have happened if the South had won.
4. Using materials from the class or library the students will write a three page research paper on a battle or person from the Civil War with topic approval from the instructor.
5. After watching the video on the Emancipation
Proclamation students will fill out a worksheet on the video.

3. Teaching Learning Mode
1. To meet objectives one and four, the students will work individually, objective four will require student presentations and class discussion.
2. To meet objective two, students will work with partners and share answers with the class.
3. To meet objective three, students will work in groups of four with a debate (North against South).
4. Personnel
1. For objectives one, two and four the instructor will provide all of the books and resources.  It will be the students’ responsibility to complete all assignments and prepare for quizzes and exams.
2. For objective three students will be able to work in the computer center where the program will be available on compact disk.  The instructor will be available for any assistance.
5. Materials and Equipment
1. Textbook
2. Worksheets
3. Map
4. Chalkboard
5. Overhead Projector
6. Transparencies showing the outline of the
Civil War
7. Computer
8. Computer software “The Civil War: Two Views”
9. Television and VCR
10. Video on Emancipation Proclamation

6. Physical Facilities
1. Objectives one, two and four will occur in the classroom or at home.  The video will occur in the classroom only.
2. Objective three will take place in the computer lab and the worksheet and discussion will be in the classroom.
7. Evaluation
1. All worksheets and essay answers will be collected the day after assigned and graded.
2. An exam that covers the entire chapter of text and lecture notes.  The exam date will be announced in advance and a review will occur prior to the test.
3. Two quizzes will occur throughout the chapter and will be announced ahead of time.
4. Discussion will be graded by participation in both large and small groups.
5. Research papers will be graded with the due date announced ahead of time.