Chris Moen
SS 480/ Prof. Marmorstein
November 10, 1999

Garbage Can Slam

(This game is best suited for review for a test or quiz.)
1. Prepare an even amount of questions from the test and one more question for a tiebreaker.
2. Get an empty garbage can, a ball (tape ball works best), and a short object (a track baton works best).
3. Divide the class in half and start pairing students up one from each team.
4. One pair gets in front of the class and they are asked the question.
5. The student with the correct answer is allowed to choose the ball or
blocking object.
6. The student with the ball takes a shot at the garbage can and the student with the object tries to block.
7. 2 points are awarded for the correct answer and 1 point is awarded for a successful shot or block.
8. If the students who are in front of the class cannot answer the question the rest of the class may answer by raising hands.  If the question is answered correctly the student goes to the front of the class and chooses to shoot or block and this does not count as their turn.  So, they get to go up again if it is their turn.
9. After each question two different students come up to answer the next question.
10. Any student who throws the object while blocking will forfeit 3 team points.

Jigsaw Learning

(Best suited for new information in a book or packet)
1. Prior to this activity students should be given a reading assignment where the students are put into four groups of four.  (If there are odd numbers pair students up.)  Each group will read a certain part of the total assignment.
2. The next day students will get into their groups and take notes on the material they read.
3. Then three students will be placed into separate groups and will teach the other students the material they read about.
e.g.  Before 1111    2222     3333    4444    After 1234  1234  1234