Lesson Plan for South Asia

Michael Larson


The objectives for the class period were to tell students about the human geography of South Asia, namely India a Pakistan. A focus should be on how their human geography is far different from that of the United States by comparing the two countries.


The pre-assessment of the lecture would be telling the students what I would like them to know after we were finished with the lecture and discussion.  The major points would be written on the board so that they would be able to follow the lectures major points.


The introduction began with introducing myself to the class and explaining why I was there.  The students would then be shown on  map where South Asia was, again comparing this with the location of the Americas.  The students should be told why South Asia is growing in importance for the rest of the world and what is about their human geography that created this growing significance.


The lecture will be a discussion style with myself constantly asking the students why and how the different aspects of South Asia are important and different for Americans.
Main Lecture Points-

Population- (RNI, birth rates, density, lifespan)


Caste System-



Relation of India and Pakistan (Hindu vs Muslim)

Nuclear threat of both countries and the rest of the world’s response to this-

During the lecture a focus should be placed on comparing each of these with the United States.  Interesting the students by asking, “Would you like…” “Why is this significant?”
In class assignment-

The class will be handed out either a Xeroxed page dealing with the nuclear threat evolving from the feud between India and Pakistan and how US deals with the issue, or a page concerning the economic disparity of India and how it relates to agriculture.  After giving the students time to read the articles they will be asked to answer a few questions on a piece of paper and then hand that in.  After everyone has finished reading either of the assignments I will hold a class discussion with them.

Conclusion of Class-

To conclude class I will first ask the students if they have any question, after I have finished answering any question they have I have I will move on to post-assessment.


Ask the student a few questions covering the main points of the lecture, reading and discussion.  Be sure to go around to different parts of the room to make sure the entire class was involved.  To finalize my experience I will hand out the student evaluations forms.