Jory Wipf
SS 480
Games & Activities

What's My Line:
 Students are put into teams.  Each student will get an opportunity to
 be the "mystery guest," or assume the role of a historical character.
  The other team(s) get a predetermined amount of time to figure out
 who it is using only yes or no questions.

 An issue is selected that has two or more sides and students are
 grouped according to the number of positions there are.  Each group
 has to come up with an argument to support its side.  The main groups
 may be divided into subgroups.  One student can start the debate and
 present ONE argument for his/her position.  Next, a counter-argument
 is allowed from the other groups and discussion should move quickly
 between groups.  A variation of this would be to have the students of
 different group's pair up and just argue with each other.

In the News:
 Students are asked to bring to class articles, news items, editorials
 and cartoons related to a topic being presented in class.  The
 teacher may even request certain kinds of articles.  The class is
 divided and asked to share their items with each other and to choose
 the two or three most interesting.  Representatives of each group
 will share their choices with the rest.  Teacher can address
 important points brought up.  Variations would be to copy all items
 then hand them back out as reading assignments or use them as the
 basis for role-plays.

Circle the Wagons (3X):
 A portion of the class will form a discussion circle with the
 remainder of the class forming a listening circle around the outside
 of them.  Three questions (preferably interrelated) are developed by
 the teacher.  Students are in three groups with two of the groups
 forming the listening circle.  The first question is asked and only
 the students in the discussion circle may answer and discus.  After
 roughly ten minutes switch groups giving the new discussion group
 time to add to the comments on question one and them pose question
 two.  Switch again for third group.

The Power of Two:
 Students are given questions that require reflection and thinking and
 asked to answer them individually. Then they are put into pairs and