The Hebrews and the Problem of Evil
Study Questions on Job, Habakkuk, and Daniel

Basic schedule:
The Problem of Evil I (Job 1-5, 37-42)
The Problem of Evil II (Habakkuk--all)
The Problem of Evil III (Daniel 1-7 and 12 carefully, skim the rest)

Study questions:

1.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  What would your answer be to the problem of evil?

2.  What is admirable about Job?  In what way can he truly claim to be a good man?  Are there any weaknesses in Job?

3.  The answers of Job's "comforters" often seem completely correct. What's wrong with what they have to say?

4.  In addition to addressing the problem of evil, what other wisdom does Job offer?

5.  Of the books we have read so far, which seems most similar to the book of Job?  If you had to guess at a book written at the same time as Job, what would it be?

6.  In what ways does Job seem to follow the Aristotelian recipe for tragedy?  Is there a character of sufficient magnitude?  A theme of sufficient magnitude?  Is there any kind of catharsis, i.e., is there a resolution that affects the reader as well as Job?

7.  What is Habakkuk's basic answer to the problem of evil?