SS Methods
Review Game


1) Write numbers on all the Jenga game pieces (54 total).
2) Prepare a list of 100 questions (same piece may be pulled more than once).

1) Divide the class into two or more teams.
2) Each team takes a turns drawing pieces as Jenga is normally played.
3) When the piece is drawn the student must correctly answer the corresponding question (the answer could also be a team effort as a variation).
4) If the answer is wrong the next team gets to choose the next piece the team with the incorrect answer pulls on their next turn.
5) The piece pulled is then put on top of the tower as Jenga is normally played.
6) The game is played until the tower topples.

1) Points can be kept for each correct answer if you wish to make this game more of a competition and the team that causes the tower to topple will lose a set amount of points from their total.
2) Instead of numbering the game pieces, they can be colored with a dot.  Each color represents a different difficulty level of question and if keeping points can be worth different point values.  The teacher will prepare by making questions to correspond with different difficulty levels and ask a question from a corresponding difficulty level with the piece drawn.