Introductory Lecture

I.  Welcome!

II.  Reasons to dislike history
A.  "History is bunk"  (Henry Ford)
B.  "History is little more than the record of the crimes and follies and misfortunes of mankind."  (Edward Gibbon)
C.  Many history classes are dull and boring...

III.  Reasons to like history

A.  History is inherently interesting, since it includes everything that has happened for the last 5000 years
B.  History improves your sense of humor
C.  History gives you a framework that will help you relate different subject/do better at academic work
D.  "History makes us wise." (Francis Bacon)

IV.  Herodotus--Father of History

A.  Why Herodotus wrote his history
B.  Stories from Herodotus (Candaules and Gyges, The Ring of Polycrates)

V.  Requirements

A.  Readings
B.  Surprise quizzes
C.  Midterm and final exams

VI.  How to do well

A.  Come to class regularly
B.  Take good notes
C.  Laugh at my jokes
D.  Ask questions