I.  Welcome!

II. Why INED 411 is important

A.  Periods of cultural change/cultural clash important: understanding cultural confrontation vital to modern U.S.
B.  Possible reaction to contrasting culture
    1. Indifference
    2. Hostility
    3. "Tolerance" (a not very impressive way of dealing with cultural difference)
    4.  Questioning of one's own culture
    5.  "Multiculturalism" (an oxymoron if if there was one)
    6.  Eclecticism/enriching expansion of one's own culture
C.  Useful as a teacher to know how to deal with those whose cultural assumptions are different from one's own
D.  Potentially very important to SD in working toward a solution to economic problems of the whole state

III.  Requirements/how to do well

A.  Readings/discussions
B.  Journals
C.  Midterm/Final
D.  Attendance
E.  Laugh at my jokes
F.  Ask Questions