I. India

The  Internet Indian History Sourcebook is the place to start for India links.  Most links below are from that site.

A.  Harrapan Civilization

Some excellent links to Harrapan sites.

B.  Aryan Conquest/Vedic Age

Aryan /Vedic Age links.

C. Hinduism

Texts and commentaries on HINDUISM.

1.  Main gods: Brahma, Shiva, VISHNU

2.  Upanishads

3.  Bhaghavad Gita (Krishna)

4.  Ramayana (Rama)

A nicley done summary of the Ramayana.


E. Women in India

FROM THE CODE OF MANU (Indian law code)
Brahman is by right the Lord of this whole creation. A Brahman is born highest on earth, the lord of all created beings. Whatever exists in the world is the property of Brahman.
 A husband must be constantly worshipped as a god by a faithful wife. Day and night, women must be kept in dependence by the males of their families.
 It is the nature of women to seduce men in this world; for that reason the wise are never unguarded. One should not sit in a lonely place with one's mother, sister, or daughter, for the senses are powerful and master even a learned man.
When (a man) by stealth seduces a girl who is sleeping, intoxicated, or disordered in intellect, that is the eighth, the most base and sinful rite of the Pisakas [i.e., it is demonic].

 See also the complete text of the Code of Manu.

F. Reincarnation

G. Jainism


1. Story of the Buddha

A short account of the story of the Buddha.
A summary of Buddhist  belief.

2. Four Noble Truths

a. There is suffering

b. Suffering comes from unfulfilled desire

c. To cease from suffering, cease from desire

d. To cease from desire, follow the eight-fold path

3. Eight-fold Path

a. Right knowledge: know the four noble truths

b. Right purpose

c. Right speech

d. Right behavior

e. Right livelihood

f. Right effort

g. Right awareness

h. Right meditation

II. China

A. Achievements of Chinese civilization



"Abandon learning, and there will be no sorrow."