Jory Wipf
SS 480
Guest Discussion

    The student will be able to list and debate pros and cons
    for different ways of  leadership succession.
        The students will discuss the lasting influences of Roman law.
        The students will understand Christianity's impact on the
        The students will discuss the fall of the empire.

    Introduction: If President Clinton were to be impeached who
    would become president?
    Who is the next in line? Livingston
    How did Rome decide?

    Section 1: What do you think is the best way to decide
    who rules next?
    What are some advantages and disadvantages of each

    Section 2: The Silver Age of Literature
    Patriotism or Criticism/Satire. What kind do you see
    most in the U.S.? Give examples.
    What are some of the similarities between Roman law
    on page 149 and our constitution?

    Section 3: Christianity's impact on the empire
    What is it? Who is Jesus? What are some things he
    Why did Rome have a problem with Judaism and
    Why would Christianity be accepted or rejected?
    What are some advantages and disadvantages?
    What are some things you feel persecuted for? i.e.
    History class
    Is there anything you believe in strongly enough to die

    Section 4: What happens when agriculture and other
    sources of prosperity go bad?
    Decrease in supply =3D increase in prices (inflation)
    What are some of the reasons for agricultural decline?
    Why is hiring mercenaries to fight a problem?