Peni Mounga

Dr. Marmostien

SS480 Game

Hollywood Squares 

Review Game

Materials needed:

(9)Sheets with X/O’s on each side

(1)Sheet with X on one side

(1)Sheet with O on one side

(9)Chairs, set up in a tic-tac-toe grid



i.Prepare 9 questions for each round

1.Questions can be true/false or fill in the blank.

2.Questions should be directed towards helping students review for chapter or unit test.

1.Arrange the 9 chairs into a tic-tac-toe grid, and place one X/O sheet on each chair.

2.Ask for 9 volunteers to sit in the grid.(They will be the Hollywood Stars)* Nametags would be helpful to save any embarrassment.

3.Divide the rest of the class into two teams.(X and O teams)

4.Each team will send a representative to the X or O desk

5.The student at the X/O desk will choose a “Hollywood Star” and the teacher will ask the “Hollywood Star” a question.The “Hollywood Star” will answer the question and the X/O student will agree or disagree with the answer.

6.If the answer is correct, the square is won, if it is incorrect, the opposing team will then choose a “Hollywood Star.”

7.Winner of the round is determined by connecting 3 squares, like 


Review for Chapter on Zimbabwe

Round One

1.Zimbabwe received its name from:

a.The Zimbabwe monkey

b.The ancient Great Zimbabwe city

c.President F. Zimbabwe

2.Victoria Falls is located in Zimbabwe: True or False

3.In the city of Bulawyo, the streets are so wide, that a herd of 16 cattle can make a full circle in the middle of the boulevards: True or False

4.The Zimbabwe flag consists of the colors: red, gold, green and black:True or False

5.Zimbabwe is a country of limited natural resources:True or False

6.The Shona are an indigenous people of Zimbabwe.True or False.

7.Lake Kariba is an artificial lake located in the __(N,E,S,W)_____ of Zimbabwe:North

8.Zimbabwe is located in the (N,E,S,W) of Africa.South

9.What river feeds Victoria Falls?

a.The Zambezi River

b.The Nile River

c.The Zambia River

10.The black rhino is an animal that is on the verge of distinction, and are found in small numbers throughout Zimbabwe.True or False

11.The Zimbabwe National Railroad headquarters is the home to one of the world’s largest railroad junctions.True or False

12.Tobacco is one of Zimbabwe’s largest exports, and is one of the world’s largest distributors of tobacco.True or False

13.Zimbabwe is one of the few African nations that have never been ruled by non-African government officials.True or False

14.The tiger fish of Lake Kariba gathers numerous amounts of tourists each year.True or False