Melissa Marko
SS 480

History Feud


This activity is a good way for students to prepare for a test.  It will stress important facts the students need to know including: names, dates and important events.


1. Create a situation similar to a game show by dividing the student into two groups.
2. Use an overhead projector as a game board.  Put the answers in order by significance, one is the most important.  Have a number value behind each answer.  Cover each answer with an individual piece of paper that can be removed separately upon the student answering the question correctly.
3. The students will have a face off.  One student from each group will come to the front of the class and be asked a question.  The student who give the highest or most significant answer will be asked if their group would like to play or pass.
4. Which ever groups play will be allowed to give three wrong answers.  Upon the third wrong answer the opposing group will get a chance to steal the points by corroborating to give one correct answer.
5. The group with the most points will win the game.


1. Extra credit on the test or candy for each correct answer when it is given.