History/Social Science Links

There are many excellent collections of history links on the Web.  You can find a well organized set of history links at UC Riverside's History Department Home Page.  Also very useful are the links in Resources for Historians and the links on Providence College's CivWeb.

For history/social studies teachers, I suggest Social Studies Sources and the History/Social Studies Website for K-12 Teachers.  I also recommend the history/geography sections of Study WebMr. Jenkins' History Links, put together by a ninth grade social studies teacher, is an excellent example of the kind of page secondary teachers can maintain to help their students.

I include below a few sites I find particularly interesting/valuable.

Ancient History

Perseus is an excellent source for Ancient Greece.  Complete texts of authors ranging from Aeschines to Xenophon, an excellent image collection, and a good survey of Greek history.

Perseus Latin Resources isn't quite as extensive, but it contains some excellent selections from Latin authors.

Medieval History

Labyrinth (Despite the name,  an exceptionally easy site to navigate.  Lots of links to medieval sources, teaching ideas for K-12 students, and material on using the web for history instruction.)

18th Century

Jack Lynch's  Eighteenth-Century Resources is a great place to start for both American and European history in the 18th century.


Stanford University has put together a nicely orgainized set of links for  Subsaharan Africa.

Religion links

Interlinear Latin Mass
Guide to Early Church Documents
AVESTA Web Server
The QIBLA Server at Penn
The Dove Foundation's Home Page
The Complete List of Popes
Dead Sea -- Intro
William James: The Varieties of Religious Experience
Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Edifying reading from Wheaton college: Augustine, Chesterton, etc.)
Philosophers Page
Encylopedia Mythica (Excellent quick reference for everything from Celtic to Persian to Greek and Roman mythology)