Famous Historical Quotes:

The object of this game is to earn the most points in the allotted time period.  Divide the class into two teams.  Decide which side goes first.  The teacher reads the quote and the first team has to identify who said it.  If they miss, the opposing team has the opportunity to answer it or challenge the next quote to the first team.  A standard answer is worth 2 points and a challenge answer is worth 4 points.  Play continues in that manner until time expires.  The teacher can have a “reward” for the winner.  This could be candy, a coupon, extra credit, etc.  The teacher could also challenge the students to find their own quotes in a specific area, say famous philosophers, 20th century authors, famous historians, famous war leaders, etc.  Another variation is to give extra points if they can give the nationality of the person quoted, or that person’s area, i.e. actor, author, politician, etc.

--De Anna Garza