What do the students have to say about History at NSU?
Dara Bowser    Mike Radke    Laura Joachim  Aaron Steckler    Shanna Dahl
Brett Clarke    Aaron Matson    Dan Brosz   Holly Schaunaman

Name: Dara Lea Bowser

Hometown: Lemmon SD . . . home of the "world's largest petrified wood park."

History or Social Science Major or Minor: History Major, Social Science Endorsement

Career Aspirations: Teach at the high school level for a few years and then go back to graduate school and obtain a Ph.D.

Thoughts on the NSU History Department: "The NSU History Department works very hard to provide educational opportunities that benefit their students.  The professors provide a variety of classes  that challenge your thinking through lectures, papers, and assigned readings. A wise, old owl here at Northern told me that, 'History is a story.  It's a story worth telling.'  The professors tell us a story, and they have given us the opportunity to articulate our own story . . .using History.  I was drawn to the History Department because it was fascinating to understand how History directly affects my life and my family.  The NSU History Department is amazing!  We have a lot of fun and do some 'History lovin!'"


Name:  Mike Radke

Hometown: Huron, SD - home of the largest pheasant in the world

History or Social Science Major or Minor: History and Social Science Major (does it get any better?)

Career Aspirations:  I would like to get a job teaching Social Sciences in a middle or high school preferably in Minnesota

Thoughts on the NSU History Department:  "The faculty in the History Department don't simply focus on memorizing dates and dead people.  They challenge their students to look at the context and outcomes of an event rather than simply what happened and who was involved.  The professors in the History Department take a personal interest  in their students.  Many students who are not History majors or minors enjoy History classes simply because of the entertaining manner in which the professors lecture.  I love it here and couldn't see myself anywhere else."

Name: Laura Joachim

Hometown: Eureka, SD

History or Social Science Major/Minor: History minor (with an English Secondary Education major)

Career Aspirations: High school teacher

Thoughts on NSU's History Department: "First of all, a History major goes great with an English major!  Besides that, the History faculty have so much fun teaching - it makes it even fun to learn!"


Name: Aaron Steckler

Hometown: Leola, SD

History or Social Science Major/Minor:  History major

Career Aspirations: Law school then criminal law attorney

Thoughts on the NSU History Department: "The main reason I chose History at NSU was the professors and their view of History and how it should be taught.  The NSU History professors do not believe in the rote memorization of names and dates.  Rather, they approach History as a story with emphasis on cause and effect, turning points, and significance.  Also, the History classes at NSU are not overloaded with students.  This allows direct interaction between professor and student.  The small class sizes allow students individual attention from professors."

Name: Shanna Dahl

Hometown: St. Cloud, MN

History or Social Science Major/Minor: Social Science Major

Career Aspirations: To teach in a good-sized city in Minnesota.  The one goal I have for my career is to touch or inspire one person's life. If I accomplish this, I will be successful.

Thoughts on the NSU History Department: "My dance in History lane was not clear until the middle of my sophomore year.  I came to Northern as a Biology major. Then I took a few History classes and realized I as good at writing essays and enjoyed the material.  Then one day I walked into a History class (152 - US History) with Dr. Ric Dias.  After taking that class and after a little encouragement from him, I decided to jump into the wonderful world of History. . .  I'm new to the whole History thing (I have not even been in it one year), but from what I have experienced it's one of the strongest and most interesting departments at this university.  The professors are one of a kind - very unique.  They are very intelligent and it is very enjoyable learning and working with them. Learning can be fun!

In college, being involved is very important. A person can meet so many people and meet friends that last a lifetime.  The History Department has a History Club, where students gather to watch History flicks, go on neat field trips, and have  meetings. There are also opportunities to tutor for those who want to teach to gain experience.  The university offers other specialized clubs like this too.  I'm also involved in college athletics (volleyball and basketball).  I have met my closest friends through all these experiences - a person is not limited to one.  The more the better! If you have the opportunity or the desire to experience History in a unique and amazing way, come check out the Northern State University History Department. It really is something special!"

Name: Brett Clarke

Hometown: Ipswich, SD

History or Social Science Major/Minor: Social Science Major

Career Aspirations:  Obtain a teaching position that includes some form of coaching

Thoughts on the NSU History Department: "The History Department faculty here at NSU is the sole reason that I chose this area of study.  I was undecided upon a major when I first arrived on campus.  The enthusiasm of the History faculty presented History in a manner that starkly contrasted the date and name memorization of high school.  The emphasis here is not on memorization.  The writing projects I have done here are proof that they achieve their goal.  These projects are interesting and very much unlike my previous idea of History, which included worksheets and crossword puzzles. You will leave this university a much stronger writer due to your involvement with the 'award winning History Department' here at NSU."

Name: Aaron Matson

Hometown: Delmont, SD

History or Social Science Major/Minor:  History Minor

Career Aspirations:  College professor, politician, head of a Washington think tank

Thoughts on the NSU History Department:  "The History professors are very knowledgeable and personable.  They go the extra mile to make their classes enjoyable and help their students learn."

Name: Dan Brosz

Hometown: Aberdeen, SD

History or Social Science Major or Minor: History Major

Career Aspirations: Museum work

Thoughts on the NSU History Department: "The reason I chose NSU is obvious.  Not only is NSU in my hometown, but I had heard of the History Department's very strong reputation.  After my very first day of classes I was absolutely positive that I had made the right choice.

The true strength of the History Department at NSU is the professors.  The professors bring an infectious amount of energy and a genuine love of History into the classroom, which makes the entire learning process much more fulfilling and fun.  In class, they don't just sit up there and lecture monotonously, leaving nothing for the student to take away from the class.  But instead, they encourage questions and force us to use our intellect.  Outside of class, the professors' office doors are always open, encouraging students to come in to see them for whatever help that they might need.  This is a very important aspect of any professor, in any department, at any university.  If professors are not willing to put in any time outside of the classroom to assist you in your academic needs, you as a student are faced with a huge disadvantage in the class, and your career.  The professors in the NSU History Department are almost always accessible and ready to lend a helping hand. These are just a couple of the many reasons why the History Department is the best department at NSU."

Name:  Holly Schaunaman

Hometown: Leola, SD--Rhubarb capital of the world

History or Social Science Major/Minor:  History Minor

Career Aspirations: To become a high school History teacher and girls basketball coach.  I, of course, would like to be really happy. 

Thoughts on the NSU History Department:  "I came to Northern to play basketball.  In high school, I had a great History teacher named Trent Osborne. He made History exciting. It was fun learning about past events that occurred in History.  You were learning a lot but he always seemed to make me laugh.  Then when I came to NSU I decided to become a History minor.  My History minor was decided after my first semester of my freshman year. . . My teacher that semester was . . . wonderful, exciting, and inspiring . . . From then on my minor in History was set.  These two teachers had - and still have - a great impact on my career decisions." 

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