Casey Hanson
SS 480/ Professor Marmorstein
Instructional Planning Lesson
November 10, 1999
World War II
1. Objectives
1. The student will be able to produce a list of reasons for the use of the Atomic Bomb.
2. The student will be able to compare and contrast the different strategies used to fight the war.
3. The student will be able to evaluate the decision of the relocations camps for Japanese-Americans.
4. The student will be able to rank importance of mobilizing for the war effort.
2. Learning Experiences
1. Using the textbook and lecture notes, the students will complete handouts on World War II.
2. Students will fill out a worksheet while watching a video on the Manhattan Project.
3. Students will go to the computer lab and view computer software of World War II, after doing this they will write a response paper about what they learned.
4. In groups, students will discuss the topics of dropping the bomb and will write a synopsis of what they came up with.
5. A guest speaker who served in World War II will come and share information to the class of his experiences.
3. Teaching Learning Mode
1. To meet objective one, students will work together and share answers with the class.
2. To meet objectives two and three, the student will work individually.
3. To meet objective four, students will work in groups of two or three and share answers with the class.
4. Personnel
1. For objectives one, two and three the instructor will provide all the books and resources needed.  The students will be responsible to complete all the assignments and prepare for quizzes and tests.
2. For objective four, students will be able to work in the computer lab where software will be available on disk.  The instructor will be available for assistance.
5. Materials and Equipment
1. Textbook
2. Worksheets
3. Map
4. Chalkboard
5. Overhead Projector
6. Television and VCR
7. Computer Lab
8. Computer Software
9. Video on the Manhattan Project
6. Physical Facilities
1. Objectives one, two and three will occur in the classroom, worksheets at home.
2. Objective four will occur in the computer lab.
7. Evaluation
1. Discussion will be graded by participation in both large and small groups.
2. Quizzes will occur throughout the chapter and will be announced ahead of time.
3. All worksheets will be collected the day after assigned and graded.
4. An exam that covers the chapter and lecture notes.  The date of the exam bill be given and a review for the exam will occur prior to the test.