1.  What's my line--here the class is divided into two or more
groups.  Each group draws a card from the teachers mystery box and
looks at the suject written on the card.  The members then decide who
should play the part of hte mystery guest.  The mystery guest sits in
front of the other groups and will answer only yes or no questions.
The "guest"  can ask for help from their group members if they are
unsure of an answer.  This would be good for the review and or
overview of a unit.  To see what they know about the unit or what
they have learned.

2.  Historical Football--here the class is divided into two groups.
Each group is given a di.  When the team that is on offense is ready
they are given a question, if it is right they role the di to see
what tyoe of play they are given(they can either score or gain
yardage)  if the offense gets the answer wrong, the question goes to
the defense.  If they answer correctly, they role and can either
force a turnover, score, or force a lose of yardage for the offense.
They game is played just like a real football game with first downs
and recieving four downs to get the ten yards.  This is usually
played for review of the unit.

3.  Trial by Jury--The class is seperated into the defense, the
prosecutors, the jury, and the witnesses.  The class is given the day
before the court case starts to set up all the things that they are
going to argue and they can work on it at home.  The teacher creates
an indictment where two sides of an issue can be used.  The students
will do research on the topic to ask and answer questions truthfully.
 This would be easily used in a case that can put a historical figure
on trial, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Adolf Hitler, James Earl Ray.
Here the students are doing the research of the class and unit.  They
are learning and having fun.

4.  Bingo Review--The class is given a bingo card that they will put
the topics on.  The teacher put the topics that can be used on the
board and the students put them on the cards, as they so desire.
After they all have their cards done, the teacher starts to read out
the definition of the topic that came up.  The students mark off
their cards as they see fit.  The game is won, when one of the
students can show that they have a bingo and then can name the topic
and give the definition of the topic as well.  This is a game used in
review the day before a test.

5.  Trivial Pursuit--the class is broken up into two or more groups.
The teacher gives out a question.  The first members of each
group has been brought up front and the first one of them that rings
the bell first can answer.  If it is answered wrong, then the second
to ring the bell answers.  When one of hte first members gets the
first question right, that team recieves points and the second
members come up.  The game goes on until one of the teams receaches a
a certain number.  This can be used as review and/or overview.

6.  Truth or Dare--Again the class is broken up into two groups.
This time the question is read.  the first group to answer correctly
recieves the next question.  It starts with the first member, the
next question is read, they can either answer correctly and keep
recieving questions for that group, or if they don't know the answer
they can take the dare.  If they take the dare the teacher reads the
question again for the second group, the first member here again
answers or takes a dare.  the game is won when a team reaches a
certain number of correct answers.  This is also done in review for
the test.