The study of history at Northern is not simply the rote memorization of dates, names, places, and endless facts. Instead, it is the investigation of an interesting, living past that is mirrored in the exciting present and the intriguing suggestions as to what might lie ahead in the future.

    Students taking history classes at Northern explore such general questions as what kind of government is best and why civilizations collapse. They also investigate more specific questions, trying to find out, for instance, why males outlived females in the middle ages, why both sexes are five to seven inches taller today than their medieval counterparts, and why Christianity supplanted paganism in the Roman empire. Students in American history discover how tobacco changed Colonial America and how World War II altered the way Americans lived and worked.

    The student majoring in history at Northern should find his/her studies a pleasurable and rewarding experience. Small class sizes and a committed faculty ensure that no student is lost in the shuffle.

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